Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vermont Mozart Festival

Ahhh, it is time again - time for the loverly Vermont Mozart Festival at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe. This will be the third year in a row I trek up to Trapps for this spectacular display of music in the mountains. And I certainly go in style - wine, cheese, candles, chairs, picnic basket, plastic wine glasses, cloth napkins, table with tablecloth - I like to think I crack a few smiles on my elders by helping to carry on this lah-dee-dah tradition. Geez - I even wear a dress. But, I have learned to bring bug spray, thick socks, a sweater, and a wine opener as well. I love going and enjoying Trapps for what Maria Von Trapp wished it to be enjoyed for. And, I love getting out of my jam band, rock star mode for a bit and unveiling the culture that is deep within. This will be a special performance since I will be enjoying it with my parents and the new main squeeze, whom they will be meeting for the first time. Regardless of how that rolls, we will all get to close our eyes after filling up with wine and cheese, and experience the magic that happens on that rolling meadow in the middle of the mountains.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Offbeat Vermont Music Venues

I have been lame this week. No Honky Tonk Tuesday, no causing trouble at Nectars following JDK kickball, and I've been totally MIA from Higher Ground (but, don't worry, show season is just around the corner once those college kids are back)...
But, I still have a post idea ---

Traipsing around Vermont and seeing music in different venues.

This is a good idea for many reasons...
a.) it gets you out of your normal environmental sphere and helps open your eyes
b.) it brings you to music for the sake of music, not to see someone specific
c.) it supports the local Vermont economies which is something everyone should embrace and put energy towards

And here are my tidbits for you to enjoy that ever changing, always amusing, and downright "Vermont" music experience!

Snow Shoe Lodge & Pub
- To my knowledge, there is not a website, but the Snow Shoe in Montgomery Center (that's near Jay Peak folks) is an absolute hoot! I will never forget the first time I went there and sat at the bar drinking $2 PBRs with escargot and an open face hamburg sandwich - if that tells you anything. Then this awesome blues trio got up and local rednecks, hoochies, ubur ski dudes, little brahs, and PR broads like me were all boogieing like long time pals. I even got up and sang Roadhouse Blues and a few other tunes after a few more PBRs. Ok, that's enough - go there.

The Bees Knees - This one's up in Morrisville where the often annoying Burlington rif raf and the eye popping tourists are not. This is my favorite place so far for actually meeting new friends and pretending I live in a small Vermont town instead of the big city. And the bands that may shy away in some of the more well known venues when the crowd's not pumping hold nothing back here!

Purple Moon Pub - Down to the Bad Liver Valley for this one in the eclectic town of Waitsfield. The menu is small, the place intimate, and the music is aways a treat. I've even had my heart made and broken at this place, but that won't keep me away from the best fish tacos I have ever had and memories like the Purple Moon being the place I met Luke Eriksen, had a great conversation with Sean Kelly from The Samples, and danced song after song with an older gentleman to the Starline Rhythm Boys. Try it!

Owl's Head Blueberry Farm - This isn't a "venue" as the ones are above, but I had to squeeze it in here as I got a flier in the most recent Seven Days and even hung it on my bulletin board! The next three Tuesdays and Thursdays are blueberry picking at Owl's Head in Richmond starting around 5 pm and then live music starting at 6 pm and going until around 8 pm. How fun is that???? I think I will definitely be there for Gordon Stone's performance - I mean who can beat picking blueberries to the sound of Gordon's pedal steel?

Happy listening and please comment with ideas, gripes, sounds, and any other stuff you think this Vermont publicity gal should know!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Festival Time in Vermont!

Next weekend kids - the 2nd Annual Lew-Au - this is Vermont band Raq's festival with other fun folks like Strangefolk, Tim Reynolds (some lasses will remember him from chillin' with Dave Matthews), Al (from moe.!) and the Transamericans, and several others. Who is in???? This is a great chance to come mingle with all sorts of random Vermont peeps and go to a festival with me! Together we can post a killah post for the Vermont Music Blog! Pictures too!

It's next weekend, July 21-22! Two nights and Monday, July 23rd is National Call In Sick Day - so let's go!! And if you're not a jam band fanatic like me - who cares?? It's cheap and a great chance to hang in the Northeast Kingdom, do some camping and drink some Coors Light with your favorite publicity hippy!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Burlington Music Gripe

I think we all have a lot of gripes on the Burlington music scene. Right now I am a gigumundous (spelling?) fan of Radio Bean and Higher Ground - small and big, but both done right.
I am NOT a fan of the Lake Champlain cruise structure. Last night for the Burlington fireworks, I went on the Blues for Breakfast cruise. Blues for Breakfast is one of my all time favorite Grateful Dead cover bands and I always have a fun time dancin' whenever I see them play.
The tickets were $25 and included a good buffet aboard the King Street Ferry. The mood was chipper and people were warm to each other and it had the makings of a great little hippy night on the lake with fireworks - c'mon, who could ask for more?
Everything was fun and fab and then the fireworks started. Now, I think most will agree at this point that Burlington, Vermont fireworks pretty much are the best around - ever. If you think you've seen better fireworks, please comment and let me know!
Anyway, the fireworks ended and so did everything else. Apparently, too many shwilly tools got wasted and seasick and there was a lot of puking and many hidden flasks found. So, the bar closed and the band stopped playing and we were all ushered off the boat right as everyone else was leaving the waterfront and rushing to the always annoying Burlington bar scene - especially for those of us who just want to dance to a fun band! LAME! I chose the cruise for my Independence Day activities so I wouldn't have to deal with the crowds and lines and ridiculous scene.
I have my Raq ticket for the cruise on August 10th and I really hope it's not more of the same. I hate when shwilly tools ruin it for everyone else. Dock the boat and make them walk the plank and then back to sea for the rest of us! Arrrr!