Friday, October 24, 2008

Down Home Goodness

How is it living VT? It’s the Mitch here and I have got some down home goodness to share with y’all! One of the best things I love about living near mountains is the music that they can inspire. Sometimes when I am standing in my front yard in Charlotte, I can see Camels Hump in the background. Upon looking at this wondrous Mountain, a particular music vibe is invoked. I am reminded instantly of traditional mountain music and want to go to a local barn dance party to shake it!

Fortunately there is a band that can fulfill my need for crooning! I am talking about the Starline Rhythm Boys, based out of Montpelier, VT. These guys have been pickin’ around the state for a few years now, and have developed quite a reputation. The boys encompass elements of hillbilly, rockabilly, and bluegrass. Starline Rhythm Boys are comprised of Danny Coane (banjo, guitar, and vocals), Billy Bratcher (upright bass), and Al Lemery (electric guitar). I have had the distinct pleasure of checking these guys out a few times and I have always had a great time. Their style is traditional and you can easily be transported into the 40’s and 50’s. It is pretty cool that a stripped down three piece, can fill up so much musical space and create such a full sound.

So if y’all get a chance this fall and winter, do yourselves a favor and check out these guys. They will be playing at Red Square, on 10/29/08 at 8pm. They will also be playing at the Old Lantern, for a Venison dinner on 11/22/08 starting at 8pm. You can also check them out at and at Until next time VT! Peace, the Mitch

PS - The Vermont Music Blog will be in attendance at the Old Lantern! Come say hi - we may have blow up banjos!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Seth Yacavone

I feel like this Vermont guitar amazingness is always included in so much cool music stuff, yet never talked about as much in comparison to how good he is. I also get the sense that he likes it this way. Always enough under the radar to not have to deal with the blow up of being a great musician so you can always keep the creative flow in honest check and the meaning in your life uninhibited. I may also be thinking this because I am still recovering from the amazing Trey show at Higher Ground last night where I briefly ran into Seth, reminding me I needed to write this post.

My most recent Seth Yacavone rockin' time was at yet another wedding - this one being two amazing and beautiful souls brought together by the power of Phish (and learned of the band's official reunion while on their honeymoon). Up in the countryside of Northern Vermont under a tent amidst the foliage, Seth Yacavone and a team of other great Vermont musicians absolutely tore it up. And I think I have said this before, but besides Seth's kick ass guitar playing - his voice is just raw blues and so right on! And the fun he has when playing is just plain cool. Like when he played the first half of Dark Side of the Moon and held a tape recorder to the microphone for the sound effects. I can't imagine another musician doing this while making it as natural and fun as Seth did.

And to all you hippies getting married out there - I highly suggest hiring Seth to play your wedding - and if you don't, please refrain from the DJ. There is nothing worse than going to your heady friend's wedding only to be stuck dancing to Play That Funky Music White Boy with the creepy uncle. Way more fun to grab a couple of brooms and have a broom guitar dual with that uncle instead.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

KTR Recording

Hi there, The Mitch here! So there are a lot of talented Vermont musicians out there, we all know that. Not every band however will get a chance to get their music recorded professionally. Recording is expensive and very time consuming. Sometimes, if bands get some studio time, the producer might not capture the bands sound quite well, or it might not be the right creative space for a particular band. Having been in several studios in Vermont, I can attest to this.

I have come across a sound engineer with his own studio that has no problem truly capturing a band's sound or creative interest. His name is Kyle T. Rose and he is the creator and owner of KTR Recording which is based out of Richmond, VT. I have been fortunate to know Kyle for a while now, and had a chance to play music with him several times. In addition to being a talented saxophone and guitar player, Kyle also knows his way around the studio. He is also a part of the rockin' staff at Advanced Music in Burlington. Judging from working with him in the studio for past ventures, Kyle has a laid back approach and believes in creating a comfortable and inviting experience for recording artist. His studio is well equiped and has plenty of space. I believe one of the greatest things about KTR Recording, is that it is affordable for most Vermont musicians. So if there are people out there who are looking to record any aspect of yourself, your band, or anything recording wise you need, go check out KTR Recording at

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Open Mike Night

A few paces down the road from Higher Ground is a place one might not consider to be a live music venue - The Ground Round. Well, on Saturday nights they are. The new and improved Ground Round located on Williston Road in South Burlington now has an open mike night on Saturdays which seems to be getting quite popular.

The Ground Round in general is gaining in popularity points. They are the only franchise in Vermont to be a member of the Vermont Fresh Network. Way to go! It's also important to understand the business side of a franchise. Franchises get a bad rap in Vermont because people think they are national businesses. That is actually false. Franchises use a national business model, but are individually owned and operated. Meaning the owner of The Ground Round in South Burlington lives right here in Vermont. And this owner listened to what Vermonters were saying about where they want to eat and actually made the changes to reflect those interests - local Vermont products!

The Ground Round in South Burlington also gets involved in such activities as sponsoring the Go Red For Women Luncheon and other programs with the Vermont Chapter of the American Heart Association. It was for such an event that brought me to The Ground Round last night and was so surprised and impressed at the local food selection: local chicken, cheese, desserts and exceptionally delicious healthy options as well. It will definitely bring myself and The Mitch there again soon!

And now they have an open mike night every Saturday! Someone please go, take some pics, and send them to me to feature on the Vermont Music Blog!