Friday, October 24, 2008

Down Home Goodness

How is it living VT? It’s the Mitch here and I have got some down home goodness to share with y’all! One of the best things I love about living near mountains is the music that they can inspire. Sometimes when I am standing in my front yard in Charlotte, I can see Camels Hump in the background. Upon looking at this wondrous Mountain, a particular music vibe is invoked. I am reminded instantly of traditional mountain music and want to go to a local barn dance party to shake it!

Fortunately there is a band that can fulfill my need for crooning! I am talking about the Starline Rhythm Boys, based out of Montpelier, VT. These guys have been pickin’ around the state for a few years now, and have developed quite a reputation. The boys encompass elements of hillbilly, rockabilly, and bluegrass. Starline Rhythm Boys are comprised of Danny Coane (banjo, guitar, and vocals), Billy Bratcher (upright bass), and Al Lemery (electric guitar). I have had the distinct pleasure of checking these guys out a few times and I have always had a great time. Their style is traditional and you can easily be transported into the 40’s and 50’s. It is pretty cool that a stripped down three piece, can fill up so much musical space and create such a full sound.

So if y’all get a chance this fall and winter, do yourselves a favor and check out these guys. They will be playing at Red Square, on 10/29/08 at 8pm. They will also be playing at the Old Lantern, for a Venison dinner on 11/22/08 starting at 8pm. You can also check them out at and at Until next time VT! Peace, the Mitch

PS - The Vermont Music Blog will be in attendance at the Old Lantern! Come say hi - we may have blow up banjos!


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