Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Winter - Time for some Muddy Boots

I have recently been informed that the Burlington Farmer's Market will be holding a Saturday Farmer's Market once a month starting with this coming Saturday - just in time for Thanksgiving! This is great news as everyone works their hardest to be a part of a sustainable, localvore Vermont economy. And in tune with supporting other Vermonters, local band Muddy Boots will be performing from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm in Memorial Auditorium while shoppers peruse the goods (some of whom I am sure will be wearing muddy boots!).

Consisting of two fiddles, guitar, bass, and mandolin, Muddy Boots is a sweet, pure sound combining traditional Irish music with folk, American, and bluegrass. Check out their sound on their My Space. In additional to checking them out Saturday at the Farmer's Market, Muddy Boots is playing Saturday, December 13th at The Skinny Pancake. One of Muddy Boots' fiddlers, Katrina Gibson, also writes a cool music blog called Fiddle Talk that provides a deeper insight to the world of fiddling. And be sure to visit the Muddy Boots website -

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Burlington Underground

I am constantly trying to expand this blog to include more information from other areas of Vermont, not just the Northwest, but considering the Greater Chittenden County area is the most populated and the most music seems to be coming out of this area combined with the fact that most materials I get are pitched to me, well - that's why I haven't expanded as much as I'd like. This is also a side project for me which is why I am always looking for guest writers to write about music going on and profiles of musicians and bands in all areas of Vermont.

Recently I was enlightened to a new music scene connection - Burlington Underground. Looks like another attempt to organize Burlington's music scene - a website listing all music in the Burlington area. It seems like they plan to take it one step further than Seven Days and include much more of the underground music scene (hence the name). This is all a good thing as the more ways there are to promote local live music, hopefully the more people we can all get away from their computers and TVs and out to support and enjoy musicians from their own communities. Of course this only works when people pay for the music which is so necessary to be able to keep musicians going (equipment, practice space, etc.) - I have a growing pet peeve for people who find anyway they can to avoid paying for music.

Anyway, check out and be sure to bookmark as from what my sources tell me, this site should be growing to include much more on the Burlington music scene - let's hope that happens!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Red Hen Baking Up...Music???

Yes they are - or looking to! Most Vermonters have heard of the Red Hen Baking Company - all that heady, yummy artisan bread made mostly with Vermont grains. (And don't even start about the not all Vermont grains - if you paid attention to the news you would know there is not enough grain produced in VT - time for some grain farmers!)

Some Vermonters probably know that Red Hen Baking Company recently moved from their Route 100 Duxbury location (between Waterbury and Waitsfield) to the center of the little village of Middlesex on Route 2 between Waterbury and Montpelier. With this expanded space comes a larger bakery, cafe, and the opportunity for (you guessed it) live music!!!

And the live music they are looking for is in the daytime - so perfect for the many Vermont musicians looking for a softer, gentler gig opportunity away from the rat race that is the limited bar scene. The hours they are looking for are from 10 am to 2 pm. May this be a great alternative to the On the Rise in Richmond lunch scene comprised of the irritating mama nipple crowd that has taken over that place. Ah yes, there is also potential for live music on Friday evenings at Red Hen as well - depending on how the lunch music scene develops.

So, if you are a Vermont musician - grasp this chance and get in touch with Liza at Red Hen Baking Company - Please note this is NOT an open mike opportunity, but a chance for established Vermont musicians to play for other Vermonters. Payment is in trade for now, but who can complain about that when the trade is with Red Hen Baking Company artisan breads? Check out the website at