Monday, February 25, 2008

Call To Musicians!

Seeing live music has been a bit more sparse this winter than I would like. Running a Vermont public relations business that essentially has nothing to do with the music business in Vermont has really taken up all parts of my life, leaving just enough time to get in a few runs at the mountain and watch a few escapist themed movies. But, this blog is being read and I want to keep providing and need help from Vermont musicians! It will, in turn, help you!

Please, please, please, send me info and websites of Vermont musicians. Any sort of musician, band, or artistic endeavor involving music works! If you are a band outside of Vermont and looking for promotion in Vermont, I am sorry, this is not an outlet for you. I specifically want to be a resource for Vermont musicians and Vermonters looking for Vermont music!

My mission in sharing Vermont music is not to be some stick-up-the-ass reviewer and always look for flaws in music (I'm a music lover, not hater - never really got that concept anyways). I really want to share the positivity of all the varied music in this state. That doesn't mean that I am not going to be honest, but I'm not looking to pick a fight - so send away - let me know what's going on!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Revolve with Me and Theory!!!!

Yay!!!! My sweet, awesome drummer lover's band is having a reunion show and I will most certainly use my blog for shameless boyfriend promotion - especially the day after Valentine's Day! In their heyday, Theory of Revolution was kind of the unofficial band of Magic Hat Brewery events and parties. Well, with Mardi Gras just around the corner, the Magic Hat crew got together to plan their Mardi Gras kick-off night at Nectar's and when deciding on the bands to play kept saying they wished Theory of Revolution hadn't broken up. Not that a broken up band is gonna stop Magic Hat from having their fun - I mean c'mon - who can argue that they aren't the kings and queens of fun? So, through connections and life's little acts of randomness (which are of course not random at all, but meant to happen to connect the cosmos), the line up of keyboard extraordinarie, Taylor Johnson (and uber rad designer); ripper, tearer and shredder guitar man, John Verryt (driving in from NH with the baby expecting wifey {without a knifey}); edgy and raw bass master, Matt Gadouas (happily back from twiddling some nonsense); and bringer of the sick beats, brah, Mitch Pauley (my superdrumalicious better half) come together for this medley of Magic Hat, music, and an air of headiness.

This Wednesday people, February 20th at Nectar's - bring it.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Booking Gigs in Vermont

It seems this Vermont Music Blog has been getting quite a bit of traffic lately which is super fun to see! I do plan to update the venues and bands very soon as it's been a while since I've done so. I am writing this post because I have been getting quite a few phone calls and emails lately regarding booking gigs. First off, I do not do that and do not plan to do that. I am a publicist and have to stick with my niche or I would be like a hippie dancing in a straightjacket. So, with that being said, I have two wise words of Vermont music, PR mama wisdom:

1. To Bands from Out-of-State - Nectar's and Higher Ground are not the only venues in Vermont. Heck - Burlington - is NOT the only place you should be playing. Please know that Vermont's biggest industry is tourism and you should play where the people are. Foliage resort communities, ski areas, summer festivals, fairs, and field days. There is tons of competition in the more "hip" towns. There are other colleges in Vermont besides in Burlington. Look into such places and play there - they'll be stoked to have you. Want to get people there? Send a press release to the local town paper - all Vermont communities have one - and people read them.

2. To Smaller Bands in Vermont - Same Advice!!! Why? Because Vermont is a home grown state - don't fight it and get mad at it - embrace it! People in smaller towns really appreciate live music coming to them - so bring it!!!