Monday, February 25, 2008

Call To Musicians!

Seeing live music has been a bit more sparse this winter than I would like. Running a Vermont public relations business that essentially has nothing to do with the music business in Vermont has really taken up all parts of my life, leaving just enough time to get in a few runs at the mountain and watch a few escapist themed movies. But, this blog is being read and I want to keep providing and need help from Vermont musicians! It will, in turn, help you!

Please, please, please, send me info and websites of Vermont musicians. Any sort of musician, band, or artistic endeavor involving music works! If you are a band outside of Vermont and looking for promotion in Vermont, I am sorry, this is not an outlet for you. I specifically want to be a resource for Vermont musicians and Vermonters looking for Vermont music!

My mission in sharing Vermont music is not to be some stick-up-the-ass reviewer and always look for flaws in music (I'm a music lover, not hater - never really got that concept anyways). I really want to share the positivity of all the varied music in this state. That doesn't mean that I am not going to be honest, but I'm not looking to pick a fight - so send away - let me know what's going on!


Anonymous said...

Great Blog!!

Anonymous said...

evilhero said...

new burlington rock band evilhero! don't be turned of by "evil" , we're not evil nor do we play evil music. our style is somewhere in the spectrum between radiohead, wilco and the foo fighters, melodies, hooks, loud rockin guitars and a little jam. hear us at or
come see us at metronome thursday march 27th with the breaking in, cave bees and maneuvers, and then saturday march 29th at radio bean(9pm)

Dave said...

Rachel - I've been posting local music in the Upper Valley for a couple of years. I email a newsletter twice a week and have over 150 local tracks in the music section at

Its great to find someone like you who is passionate about local music. Kristina Stykos mentioned your blog to me. Great work. You can sign up for the email newsletter on the home page of the web site.

I cover mostly Woodstock, Hanover, White River Junction, as well as some events at Middle Earth, The Chandler. It would be great to compare notes.

Dave Clark -

pluto music mag said...

hi there,
we are the pluto music mag team from athens greece, we posted at our blog few months ago a short review for a band from your area...called THE HERO CYCLE, a great band in our opinion, if you have any news about these guys you could contact us at

Ed said...

Awesome VT bands not listed on your site (all can be googled)
-Sara Grace and the Suits
-Pariah Beat (exceptional!)
-Erin McDermott and the Dixie Red Delights
-Sputnik 80's tribut w/local greats Anais Mitchell and Jay Ekis)
-Made In Iron (Iron Maiden Tribute)

The latter two are "cover" bands, but not your typical - both are doing it w/ original flair - the others are original and some of the best around.