Friday, March 7, 2008

Maire Claire - NOT the Magazine

She uses that slogan on her My Space, so I thought it would be a catchy title. Maire Claire is fantastic and I am totally a fan. If you have not heard of her, I am proud to be the one to introduce, and if you have, I am sure you will share my sentiments.

I mostly see Marie perform at Honky Tonk Tuesdays at Radio Bean, but know she plays much more widely than that and my to do list involves making it to a solo performance of hers.

Marie strikes me as very versatile, easy to get along with, and helpful to other musicians she plays with - I have observed her many times showing drummers specific rhythms for songs and easily interchanges from vocals to piano depending on what the audience demands and what other musicians can offer to the mix.

She is most pleasant to talk to and oh-so-pleasant to listen to. Her vocals are always right on and effortless - a true mark of talent and professionalism. And her piano playing rocks!

Keep an eye out for Marie Claire's name when looking for music to see - whether it's a solo performance or her joining forces with some of Vermont's best musicians, you will be pleased and so will your ears.

Check out her My Space at

Photos courtesy of Robin Reid, Publisher of Rural Route Today and helps head up the Charlotte Coffee House.

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