Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Mitch Rocks the Radio

Happy Holidays! Hi all, it’s The Mitch here! I hope everyone is enjoying a safe and happy holiday season so far. We have certainly been blessed with an abundance of holiday weather and cheer thus far. And do you know what makes it all come together……..Holiday Music!! I know, holiday music can be cheesy and sometimes annoying, but come one, who doesn’t mind hearing Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree or Carol of the Bells either at home, in the office, or in your car? I have to admit, it does put me in that special spirit!

So you want a dose of holiday music, where do you find it? Sure you can go to a store and buy Cd after Cd to find that right holiday mix, but why not tune into a local radio station that plays nothing but holiday music 24-7! My personal favorite is Star 92.9 - WEZF. They play all of the classics, as well as, some contemporary versions of our favorite tunes. One aspect of listening to the radio that is cool is 92.9 gives a dose of history throughout the day regarding particular songs. For instance, did you know that the inspiration for Silent Night was a mouse? That’s right, in 1817, in a German church; a hungry little mouse chewed a hole in the bellows of a pipe organ. This naturally put the organ out of commission, and inspired two men to write and arrange the most popular Christmas song ever! Thanks Star 92.9!! Anyway, if you think of it, turn that clock radio, car stereo, or home audio system on and let some holiday cheer pump through the radio waves!

Peace, Joy, and a Wonderful Holiday to All, The Mitch!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cody Michaels - Winter Suite

Last weekend The Mitch and I had the privilege of seeing the most beautiful piano music I have ever seen live due to an inclination to seek out some form of live music during the holidays at the Vergennes Opera House and Cody Michaels was it! I actually took notes while watching, making this much more of an actual review than much of what I usually write:

"Wow. The music is so gentle, it absolutely touched my soul. It made me think of the times in high school I would listen to piano tapes by Danny Wright (only piano music I had) to calm me and bring out my more introspective side. I would hear a melodic rift and wish it would continue. Cody Michaels has continued that rift for me. I think of the beautiful times Page is featured in Phish and how my heart soars in my body and is lifted like a dance - this is how lovely it was. Sitting in the small, quaint Vergennes Opera House reminded me of the stage and hall at my magnificent church growing up and the joy of making Advent wreaths with my mother on a Sunday night. Pure, tremendous joy - how I love the piano. I was watching magic - magic on the baby grand and magic in the minds of those who came to watch, listen, and feel."

Those were the notes I wrote on the program while listening to Cody Michael's solo piano "Winter Suite." The first set was a collection of late fall and winter inspired songs, several on other albums - one of which I bought at intermission. His music is created from his experiences and feelings in different outdoor environments which is most certainly why it struck such a chord. In fact, it very well may be the new theme music of Vermont Vibes. The second set was the actual Winter Site with songs called "On The Shortest Day," "Winter Light," "Out In The Snow," "Below Zero," "Aurora Borealis," and "Boreal Wind." If you have any sort of wood nymph imagination and a love of winter, the music invokes the feeling you think it should just by reading those titles.

Cody Michael's website is and he is actually performing tonight in Morrisville, on the 20th in Groton, and on First Night in St. Johnsbury. For the benefit of your soul, please check out a performance or purchase a CD - you will cherish it.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Mitch Rocks Out and Wears His Shoes Out

Hello Vermont music lovers! I recently went to a traditional Vermont night out - a delicious venison dinner and local Vermont music. This was a dinner that incorporated all of what makes Vermont such a special place. There was amazing venison pie, a wonderful venue, and as always, live music. The Old Lantern in Charlotte, VT was where this awesome night was held and the entertainment was provided by Girl Howdy, followed by the Starline Rhythm Boys. After eating (food cooked up by owner Chef Roland), it was time to get down to some good old fashioned honky tonk. Girl Howdy started off with some traditional honky tonk music which was mixed with a few of their originals. I have to say that the most amazing aspect to these gals, were their vocals. They embodied that honky tonk sound and set the tone right. Rachel liked their outfits.

Girl Howdy finished their set and I had a chance to cool off and mingle with some great folks including Old Lantern LIVE promoter and friend, Robin Reid (also publisher of Rural Route Today). Next came the main attraction, the Starline Rhythm Boys! These guys absolutely rocked the Old Lantern. They played two sets and each one brought the house down! They provided that old time feel that gave everyone’s dancing shoes a workout. The highlight of their performance to me was their version of “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash. That was the moment where I felt like the floor of the Old Lantern was acting like a trampoline!! The best aspect of the evening was that both Girl Howdy and the Starline Rhythm Boys were able to bring Vermonters of all generations together and enjoy a night of traditional music and culture. Way to do it right you guys, I can’t wait to do it again! I wish you all out there an amazing holiday season! Peace, the Mitch

For more information on The Old Lantern, visit and be sure to check out what they're cookin' up for New Year's Eve!