Wednesday, October 8, 2008

KTR Recording

Hi there, The Mitch here! So there are a lot of talented Vermont musicians out there, we all know that. Not every band however will get a chance to get their music recorded professionally. Recording is expensive and very time consuming. Sometimes, if bands get some studio time, the producer might not capture the bands sound quite well, or it might not be the right creative space for a particular band. Having been in several studios in Vermont, I can attest to this.

I have come across a sound engineer with his own studio that has no problem truly capturing a band's sound or creative interest. His name is Kyle T. Rose and he is the creator and owner of KTR Recording which is based out of Richmond, VT. I have been fortunate to know Kyle for a while now, and had a chance to play music with him several times. In addition to being a talented saxophone and guitar player, Kyle also knows his way around the studio. He is also a part of the rockin' staff at Advanced Music in Burlington. Judging from working with him in the studio for past ventures, Kyle has a laid back approach and believes in creating a comfortable and inviting experience for recording artist. His studio is well equiped and has plenty of space. I believe one of the greatest things about KTR Recording, is that it is affordable for most Vermont musicians. So if there are people out there who are looking to record any aspect of yourself, your band, or anything recording wise you need, go check out KTR Recording at


Kyle Rose said...

Hey thanks for the great words Mitch and Rachel, I hope you guys are doing well! You should give a call and check out the studio sometime. One small, small thing, the studio has moved to Howard St. in Burlington. :-) Anyway, I just wanted to say you guys rock and I'll pass along the Blog site to other local musicians I meet!

KTR Recording

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Anonymous said...

band rehearsed a few times and he's nice, professional, helpful. equipment room is pretty awesome. sweet deal for space around town.

Toby said...

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