Monday, August 27, 2007

NewsFlash! (and shameless self promotion)

Many years ago, there were a group of fellows who started a band while attending college at the University of Charleston in West Virginia. It was called Mile 41 - guitar, bass, drums, and a female vocalist. After collage, the guitarist, bass player, and drummer all made there way to Burlington for the various reasons musicians, artists, and other folks make their way to this energy driven town. They re-grouped, added keyboards and became Theory of Revolution. Over the course of several years playing in and around Burlington as well as some hot spots around the Northeast, they developed a devoted fan base, changed bass players, added a second drummer, and created quite the collection of original material.

If you have read previous blogs, are in my oval of peeps, or have seen myself and a certain drummer out and about, you will know my sweetie Mitch is the original drummer of bands mentioned above. As we began dating early this spring, I was able to only see a few Theory of Revolution (TOR) shows, and - as summer began, the band decided to part ways, with some members joining new bands and others moving to new states. So, while I did catch a few shows at the tail end of the TOR magic, my experience has mostly been listening to the heartfelt conversations of a love of music, friends, and song between a drummer and a guitar player who have been playing music together since college and who are also the best of friends.

These conversations have led to their desire to play one last show, have one last party, or some sort of farewell. And sometimes these conversations lead into song where said drummer and guitarist get me to sing, just as their original playing together in college was with a female vocalist.

And, these conversations have led to a closing show that has just been confirmed for Friday, September 14th from 10-1 at The Radio Bean. This final show will be a softer side of the pumping TOR shows you'd see at Higher Ground. The show will feature John playing guitar, Mitch playing drums, and original bassist, Jesse. There are hopes that keyboardist, Taylor, will join in, and yes, rumors are true, I will be singing a few songs as well - a rare occurrence indeed. Yes, I am nervous. But, mostly, I am excited for these musicians - it is a night of remembrance, new beginnings, and the kind of musical experience that can really go anywhere. I hope you can all join us.


Mitch said...

Yes, it was a great ride with my fellow TOR members! Lots of good times and extremely funny memories. John and I were always amazed to see
how long our little college experiment lasted. With Jesse coming back around, this last show will give us a chance to bring everything full circle!!! Thank you, Mitch
Looking foward to hearing the vocal
addition as well!

John said...

Thanks Rachel, for the great TOR blog. This final show will be special for many reasons.

Plus this is a great chance for all your blog readers to get the chance to see you sing.

Ladies and Gentlemen....Rachel Carter has an amazing sure to get to the show early to hear he seranade.


Shiva said...

Dang I'd wished I had know sooner or else I would have offered to Document it for you....
Now I am over booked on Friday at the Monkey House.