Friday, October 5, 2007

The Healthy Hippie

I have a new gal pal in town named Taraleigh, otherwise known as The Healthy Hippie. She has a website -, a weekly newsletter you can subscribe to on that site, and recently moved to Burlington, Vermont to launch her new magazine - The Healthy Hippie. Taraleigh has an incredible background in dance, movement, nutrition, music, counseling, wellness, and probably a bunch of other things I am missing. And, in the true entrepreneurial spirit of a women, has combined her talents into a varied career reaching audiences in all of her backgrounds. I think the best way to see what she does is to visit her at The Healthy Hippie website. But I did want to let folks know some of the awesome and fun work Taraleigh does!

~ Designs health, nutritional and movement regimens for individuals or groups and consultation information is at her website.

~ Provides fabulous news about bands, recipes, healthy eating and energy tips, and tips for being healthy at shows and festivals.

~ Offers a cool line of clothing made with recycled clothes for children and adults.

~ In Vermont, currently teaches a dance class at The Movement Center and a wellness class at On Track Gym.

~ Writes columns for Groovelink Magazine and Relevant Times.

~ Teaches dance, movement, and wellness classes/workshops at music festivals such as Gathering of the Vibes, Phanphest, Wormtown, Camp Creek, Baconfest, JamCruise, and may be teaching a class at Nectars in the near future!

So, VermontMusic readers - check her out, subscribe to her newsletter, and help spread the word!!

Love and Light All!

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