Monday, January 7, 2008

The Cush

Imagine a foursome of artsy rockers and their rock and roll instruments stumbling upon an empty church on a rainy non-Sunday afternoon. They enter the church and see a vintage pipe organ at the pulpit. Filled with images, thoughts, and musical interludes, they venture to the organ, set up their guitar, bass, and drums and start to play.

This is how I envision The Cush in my head. While their music fits into the more Indie-genre - a genre I do not particularly listen to - it also has glimpses of one of my more favorite bands, My Morning Jacket, which leaves a sort of eerie, mystical ringing in my ears afterwards. Listening to the The Cush evokes a similar state - perhaps that which helps bring images of empty churches to my mind.

The Cush started in Texas, but have made their name and home in Vermont, so I can definitely promote them in the Vermont Music Blog! They are also returning to their roots with a small Texas tour right now, but hopefully they will be back in Burlington for a show or two before they head out and make it big - I have a feeling they are certainly on the, whether you like Indie rock or not, their music is developed, orchestrated, and certainly hits a chord when listened to.

Check them out at (only complaint is you can't use the back button to navigate) and on their My Space, which has recently been updated so bands can post more than four songs - yay!


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