Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blueberries Revisited

I wrote a blog around this time last summer about Mitch and I's delightful excursion to Owl's Head Blueberry Farm in Richmond where we picked 6 quarts of blueberries and picnicked to the tunes of Gordon Stone. We drank wine and laid in the grass. It was one of the most romantic evening's Mitch and I have shared to date.

Well, this year we shall return again - in two days actually to enjoy the tunes of Filk - an obscure rock band playing "covers you've never heard of so you think they're originals." Filk is headed up by my PR buddy, Erik Filkorn - we became friends while networking PR shop talk at Dobra Tea, although I always had the feeling he would much rather be drinking a beer. The band is a cast of talented Vermont musicians and the music is "picked" by Erik. When asking Erik what this meant I learned the story in the story being that Erik was an "Almost Famous" and "Spinal Tap" sort of character - talent scout of bands before they made it big or more often than not before they didn't make it big.

While Erik scouted he learned and collected the songs he liked, most of which have never been heard of beyond obscure college radio in the late 80's and early 90's. But even more interesting was the movie-like scenarios he would pop up in - eating a cheeseburger backstage with Bob Weir, sharing a Caesar salad with Sarah McLachlan, or finishing a bottle of Jack Daniels over a deli tray with Eddie Van Halen. Erik's rule about picking songs is he has to have had at least one beer with the person who wrote or taught him the song.

Come check it out at Owl's Head this Thursday - it's free if you buy at least 2 quarts of blueberries. And if you want to buy more - you can freeze them and they taste fresh in the winter - I did it - yum!!
Freezing Tip: Freeze on a cookie sheet first and then put in a container or freezer bag - then they won't smoosh.


Laslo Cameo said...

rachel, love your blog page and comments about Vermont music, particularly your romantic description og picking bluberries. How does a band get added to your list, we are Laslo cameo and perform regularly next week at Liive on Tuesday in Johnson, see us at www.myspace.com/laslocameo. for information on us and our CD "second Avenue Serenade".

Emo Scene Layouts said...

there is something special about wine and grass.