Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hot Neon Magic

I was at a friend's birthday party this weekend and as part of the fun I brought my Band on the Run kit - otherwise known as the blow up instruments of the Shwilly Spunions and the Blow Up Band - we blow it up! (This is a fun little side project of myself and moe.rons where we play blow up instruments at moe. shows and other impromptu performances.)

Anyway, one of these impromptu performances took place this weekend at my friend's party. As the stereo blasted a fantastic live version of a favorite moe. tune, all us "Shwilly Spunions" were in total rock out mode playing our instruments to the song, laughing, dancing, and enjoying a great moment in musical fun. Right as the song was building to a most bodacious guitar release, some late night bar honey shut off the song and put in some late night bar honey dumbness. The whole lot of us wilted like deflated keytars, each feeling like we had just been abruptly stopped prior to an explosive orgasm.

This experience led me to ponder how people are so clueless - especially when it comes to music. I live in a world where music is the most important pleasure in my life (which can be proven if looking over the past ten years of what built credit card debt). But, I have definitely learned the world does not revolve around me, no matter how much I wish it would! However, it still blows my mind that with so much exceptional, diverse, and easily accessible music out there in the world, there is such a high compilation of provincial, uninterested, and quite frankly boring twits. These are the folks who say "I like all kinds of music." Or when asked if they go out to see music respond with "I love 80's night."

A few of my blow up band members pondered these same questions and one asked the girl and her cloned friends what kind of music they liked and her response was an unbelievable, "I don't really like music." I am so glad I did not hear this conversation in the flesh. Apparently they had just come from 80's night.

Now I am certainly not one who does not enjoy my share of 80's music - especially at a dance party following a great live concert. But as a fan of live music, the 80's just does not have a home...until now.

Hot Neon Magic, a Burlington-based Vermont band is the area's premier (and only as far as I know) live 80's band. They have a full on list of the 80's songs they currently play on their website - www.hotneonmagic.com. They are also willing to learn specific songs for shows not currently on their setlist. Stemming from a well rounded background in pop, funk, and rock music as well as skilled in the level of shenanigans required of a live 80's band, these guys (and gal) put on one live, neon, and fun show - and help people who like 80's music actually enjoy something live - this is, in my opinion, their biggest contribution to the Vermont music scene.

They have a great start with gigs around the state this fall, kicking off with a show at The Monkey House this Friday - featuring a Rick Springfield toast in honor of the guitar swinging fellow's birthday.

Once again, they are Hot Neon Magic, playing 80's covers for 80's lovers - live!!! Visit them at www.hotneonmagic.com and check out a show near you - or book them for your own live 80's night - no dumb broads can change the music then!


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