Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Your own Music Room

Hey All! This is the Mitch. How many of us who love music have always wanted their very own music room? I know for myself, I have always had a need to have a space dedicated to music. For those who love music, a music room of some sort is a great thing to have. I have recently made my music room in my new farmhouse. I do not have a huge space, but do have enough room for my drums, a couple of guitars, a keyboard, and a xylophone. I also made everything in the music room about music (posters, old play bills, sheet music, or anything having to do with music). It is absolutely understandable that not everyone will have the space to do this. Even if you are not a musician, and do not have any instruments but love to sit and listen to music, you can turn any available space, big or small, into a music room. I am finding out that it is the coolest thing to have. One of the greatest things about a music room, is it can serve as a time machine taking you through all of your musical escapades. Depending on the size of the room, you can also double it as a guest bedroom. So if you can, gather some old ticket stubs, records, posters, or anything musical you have, and create a nice space for yourself. We all need a sanctuary now and then!! Peace, the Mitch