Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Come See Me Sing!

I am a trained singer and even went to college on a singing scholarship, but rarely sing in public anymore as that's not the direction my life has taken, but......this Friday I am singing at Radio Bean with TOR (see post below) and would LOVE to have folks come check it out! I start our set off around 10 pm and moral support is the BEST!!!
Ekis days
a younger me!
as Sally Bowles in Cabaret


HalfpipeVT said...

I can assure you Rachael Carter could have wrapped up American Idol before it was cool. And that Simon wouldn't have known what hit him. I am missing the first game of the Red Sox/Yankees series to see it and it's worth it (besides what bar won't have the game on - I mean - come on - it's Red Sox vs Yankees!)

Rachel Carter said...

Um, dude - Radio Bean most definitely has no TV, but I love the love!!!