Monday, September 10, 2007

Vermont Band Got .down

Yippee!!!!! I am so excited that I get to write about moe.down!!! As I have mentioned before, my personal favorite band in the whole wide world is moe. However, my blog forum prohibits me to write about them because they are not a Vermont band and this blog is for Vermont bands and musicians.
So, the only thing I can say in relation to moe. and Vermont music is that moe. is a very gracious band and very unfilled with their own egos. They hold two stellar festivals each year (which of course I do not miss) and while they certainly play many sets of fantastically wankified guitar and rhythm witchiness, they also invite over a dozen other bands to come rock out with them and share in the magic, fun, music, and merriment.

Vermont jamband veterans and mainstays in the industry themselves, Strangefolk, were invited to headline the mid-afternoon Sunday set at moe.down Labor Day weekend. Moe. may be my favorite band, but Strangefolk squeaks into the top five so I was thrilled to bounce from my Team Vermont campsite to the sloping grassy stage at Snow Ridge Ski Area in Turin, NY. A true air guitar player, several buddies and myself spent the entire set rockin' out on blow up guitars and grinning ear to ear at the perfection of the day - blue skies, smiling sun, gentle breeze, trees, grass, and no mud, truly fantastic friends, and kick ass tunes. My only slight disappointment was that Strangefolk did not play the song, All the Same, a song that helped save me from thoughts of despair early this spring. But then again, this was a weekend that brought the past year of my life full circle and thankfully nothing is the same. Moe.down offered an introduction to a huge group of friends, brought together by music, and who all live in Vermont - connected by years of various friendships and music and travel. I can't wait to see what this next year has in store and look forward to introducing you to some new characters in my evolving movie.

Oh, and yes, Mitch was there and I think we may be entering the air guitar competition at Red Square Thursday night - think they'll allow blow up guitars??
Photo Note - Thanks Tom Bailey for the photos!

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