Thursday, September 20, 2007

Seth Yacovone and Grateful Dog

I recently had the privilege to attend the most fantastic wedding I have ever been to. One of my first "jam band scene" in Vermont friends, Randi Ploof, married her sweetheart, best friend, and business partner at a very homegrown, low-key, and absolutely beautiful wedding party a few weeks ago in Lincoln, Vermont.

I first met Randi back when I first moved to Vermont in 2000. The guy I was seeing then became good friends with a huge Seth Yacovone fan and we spent a lot of time going to Seth's shows and hence I met another huge fan - Randi. Since then I have gotten to laugh and boogie with Randi at a few various out-of-town parties (my favorite kinds) and always have fun run-ins with her at Higher Ground shows and festivals like moe.down where we're both full of antics!

In more recent years, Randi has been making quite the name for herself as a phenomenal dog groomer, and a little over a year ago opened Grateful Dog Grooming in the center of Hinesburg, Vermont. I could not find a website for Grateful Dog Grooming, but I am sure many of you hear her ads on WCLX - The Album Station and I did find this recent article in the Champlain Business Journal(scroll down a bit).

While the wedding was pure, simple, and earthy in the gorgeous September sunshine of Vermont, the music was ROCKIN'! Seth Yacovone played his heart out all afternoon which was more like a private rock concert than a wedding - just as Randi had hoped is my guess. I haven't seen Seth play in a while and man, does he SHRED!!!! I am definitely back on the Seth Yacovone bandwagon! I found the old website to the Seth Yacovone Band, which is not active as Seth shreds between solo gigs and playing with all sorts of folks, but I wanted to post some info anyway. He is always gigging around Vermont - so check out a show! He can also often be found at Nectars - check out the schedule -

Photo credits to JAFO and State of Mind Music Magazine.

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