Monday, April 14, 2008

Promote Yo Sho

Looking to promote your show? Here's a few tips and places:

1.) The Healthy Hippie
- Have you heard of her yet? She publishes the Healthy Hippie Magazine and a weekly newsletter. The audience is Vermont and Northeast music festivals. Check out to learn ways you can promote your show! Oh, and be hip and meet lots of folks at the magazine's launch party at Nectar's, May 17from 5:30 - 8:30!

2.) Yellow House Media
- Great Central Vermont/Upper Valley collaboration of folks - check out the weekly newsletter for great publicity options!

3.) WRUV and The Radiator - You can't just send blindly (not that you ever should anyway), but listen and pick a show that reaches your audience and get in touch with the DJ for that show! and

4.) State of Mind Music
- of course there's the magazine (think long lead time people), but they also have a new website, email list, podcasts, blog - get in touch and see what opportunities there might be for you!

5.) Brent Hallenbeck
- Not only is he the entertainment editor at The Burlington Free Press, but he also writes an active music blog, Brent's Notebook. Good person to send info to - in advance!

6.) Dan Bolles
- He may write the critically objective reviews in Seven Days, but he also edits the all important music listings as well as authors an active blog, Solid State. Looks like music coverage might be expanding as well with a few more music writers - so be in touch and once again, in advance!

7.) Weekly and Community Newspapers
- If you're playing in almost any Vermont town, there is sure to be a local, weekly type of paper mailed to all residents. Such a fantastic way to promote your show, so look into it!!!

8.) Skyline Music - Run by former Burlington music fave, Pat May, the Skyline Music website - - has a fantastic free download of 100 Free Ways to Promote Your Band. I highly recommend memorizing this document.

Please remember, I only write about music taking place in Vermont, by Vermont musicians! If you are both a Vermont musician and making music in Vermont - I want to know about it!

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