Monday, April 7, 2008

VT Musician Services

Thanks everyone for so much reading and blog feedback - this is great! It seems I have a pretty diverse readership of Vermont musicians, management folks, recording studios, etc. Another words, lots of industry folk. So, bands, fear not - you will still be written about, but since my audience seems to be very "in-the-industry" I thought I'd take a post or a few and highlight some industry insiders! I mean, the music don't play without the peeps in the background, right?

For this post, I'd like to mention a few Vermont Music insiders who have gotten in touch with me and share a brief bit about their services:

Halogen Media Works - - These guys are like the marketing agency of the music business. Working with a very new media driven approach, they bring together a collaboration of record labels, producers, managers, and bands for distribution, production, development, and events. It seems they even stream beyond just music as their client base is broad. They have West Coast offices, but are headquarted in Montpelier!

Charles Eller Studios - - Located in beautiful yellow farmhouse in Charlotte is one of Vermont's most renowned recording studios. Charles, or as those who know him well, Chas, has been recording for 30 years and has a very impressive list of credits to his name. The studio offers analog and digital recording, remote recording, audio for video, music production, and sideman services. Home base for Vermont world music record label, Cumbancha, Charles Eller Studios offers services to everyone from musicians to companies to other business and entertainment production companies.

Thrive Promotions - - Ah-ha! For those bands who have contacted me as a potential publicist - check these guys out! (while I'd love to be a music publicist, my niche is with Vermont companies - I'll just write about the music for now!) Anyway, Thrive is located in Burlington and is your all-purpose artist promotion company. Going on tour in a new region or heading out nationally - get in touch with Thrive and see how they can help you out!


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