Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Contact Oops

I just saw that my post has my email wrong below (well, had, I just fixed it). My email is raecarter@hotmail.com.

I am also realizing my farmhouse, VT PR business life is leaving less and less room to get out and see the music I used to see and less time to be able to research to write! Yikes! I'd like to keep this blog going and have heard it's a helpful resource for many.

Sooooo, I am looking for a few writers. No, there is certainly not any pay, but if you are a Vermont musicians or Vermont music lover, this may be a cool way to share your thoughts on Vermont music with others. The only "rules" are the music has to be made by Vermonters and music news and activities in Vermont. This is NOT a place to promote out of state bands coming through Vermont.

Please email me - raecarter@hotmail.com. I'll change the blog up to reflect the writers!


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