Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Vermont Music Blog Needs Your Help!

I need more submissions from Vermont musicians! I am glad those of you I have written about send me info, but I am looking for new bands and folks I haven't written about to get in touch and let me know about you! I am happy to list any Vermont musician or band with an active website on the blog as well as Vermont music venues and other Vermont music related websites and blogs. The best email to us is as that is where I manage my music activities.

The Mitch is also now reviewing bands! If you have a CD you would like him to review, please sent to:
Mitch Pauley
564 Garen Road, Suite 4
Charlotte, VT 05445

We also want to get the Farmhouse Improvisational Series going and are looking for musicians who would like to come play old Americana, blues, and jazz standards and see what interesting Vermont twists we can create. We plan to hold the Farmhouse Improvisational Series on Monday evenings from 6:30/7 - 9:30-10 in our Farmhouse Music Room in Charlotte. Please email me at or The Mitch at to sign up!

Look forward to hearing from folks!


Genuine Junk Band said...

gEnUiNe JuNk bAnD. living in VT for OCT. in an RV. Playing shows, making fans (hopefully).

Anonymous said...

don't leave out evilhero ( ) we put the burl in burlington. not really. don't write us off, we are the real deal. you can download our ep for free at, and again we're not evil nor do we play metal (not that there's anything wrong with metal, it's just not our bag) we're all rock and roll. cheers - eh