Friday, September 5, 2008


I will only write a pre-entry for this and will then turn over to my now FIANCE, The Mitch. F-ing Trey.

Of course with Trey playing his first show in part time home state Vermont in over two years, everyone is talking about it so I guess I will jump on the bandwagon too. Not because I want to be on the bandwagon, but because I am letting all you Phish-hooligans out there know if you want tickets you better show up at Higher Ground next Friday, Sept. 12 in the am to get in line for when tickets go on sale at 11. Bring your peeps and chill because it's only 2 tickets per person. See you there - F-ing Trey.

I for one, am PUMPED!!! After the hiatus of Phish, I was still needing to get some some traveling out of my system. I ended up following the original TAB around for some time, and I sure had a blast. My highlight of TAB was 10/31/02 in Asheville, NC where they opened with a thirty minute Night Speaks. It was definitely a face melting moment. Of coarse for that show the incredible horn section was helping Trey explore a new line up of amazing musicians. As a drummer, I instantly was drawn to the metronomic style of Russ Lawton. Turns out, a few years later in Burlington, I ended taking lessons from him!! He was an awesome teacher and became a really good friend. Ok, enough digressing!!! Seriously though, TAB has meant something special to me, and I know for some of you out there as well. If is not your cup of tea, it is understandable, but this is Vermont, and our musicians kick some serious ass!!! Peace, the Mitch

TAB is a cheesy drink. The Shwilly Spunions WILL NOT have a gig - they are for moe. and Umphrey's only. And maybe in Phish lot in '09...